Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Where are the women football broadcasters?

Familiar voices just delivered the first full week of the NFL regular season to massive television audiences. And they were all male voices in broadcast booths. So why are there no women doing play-by-play in the NFL and so few in college football?

It’s apropos then to take a look at a recent column by ESPN.com’s LZ Granderson. He said that only two women currently do play-by-play nationally for college football. Arguments that women don’t play pro football and so shouldn’t be lead broadcasters ring hollow. Granderson points out that most male play-by-play broadcasters never played in the NFL and goes on to name a few.

The sport isn't just consumed by men, either. Citing NFL statistics, Granderson writes that 44 percent of the league’s fans are women.

Football is the biggest sport in America, but why is there a proverbial glass ceiling of television sideline reporting for female sports journalists when it comes to this sport? Maybe it’s time to have that discussion.

-- Steve Bien-Aimé


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Really? Football is the biggest sport in America? Incredible. Hope to watch football live. Thank you for sharing.