Sunday, September 25, 2011

"Mediating Baseball" and "Sports Scandals" among In Media Res' fall topics

The innovative media and textual criticism site, In Media Res (about) has listed two sports media topics among its Fall 2011 calls for curators -- "Mediating Baseball" and "Sports Scandals." The "Mediating Baseball" pieces will be published on the week of October 24-28. "Sports Scandals" will be published on November 28-December 2. The deadline for the Baseball call passed this week; however, the proposal deadline for the Scandals call is October 17.

The "Sports Scandals" call asks for brief proposals that:
. . . address the current state of sports that have been involved in a recent scandal, focusing on both the impact the scandal has made on the sport/fanbase and how that scandal has been treated within the sports media. Some recent examples include universities such as Miami and Ohio State allegedly violating NCAA rules; the recent brawl involving members of Louisiana State University’s football team; performance enhancing drugs and sports; gambling and sports; etc.
If you're not familiar with the project, In Media Res is a forum where academics, journalists, critics, media professionals, and fans critically engage with media texts in a more immediate format than is common in much of academic publishing. Every day a "curator" offers a media text--usually a video clip or slideshow--accompanied by a short, critical response to that media text. Each week, these curated works focus on a different topic. More information is available on In Media Res' about page.

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