Friday, February 02, 2007

Super Bowl ad nauseum

It looks as though this year will set a new standard (you the judge about which direction) for Super Bowl sportainment.
Plenty of Web sites have given consumers a chance to start watching the ads already, and those who want a second -- or third -- look will get the chance on the sites like YouTube after the game. And pre-Super Bowl programming on CBS will, even by Sean McManus' admission, be so long as to even make viewers "nauseated" -- but, as he is quoted in the LA Times: "they will still watch."
Demonstrating the increasing influence of bloggers on mainstream sports coverage, CBS Sportsline has asked the irreverent, gossip-driven Deadspin to provide a no-holds-barred "glog" (live, running blog) during the Super Bowl on the CBS Web site.
Although embedded in all of this media coverage is a football game, the biggest winners in all of the consumer-oriented spectacle will be the advertisers.

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