Thursday, February 22, 2007

'Most people don't give a flying whatever'

Denver Post columnist and ESPN personality Woody Paige, interviewed by PR Week, said the steroids story has been "overdone" because fans don't understand or care about the story. Stories about T.O., Lebron James and Barry Bonds, on the other hand are never overdone because of the public appetite for those stories, Paige said.
Paige added that journalists haven't done a good job explaining the steroids story. Could that be much of the reason that the public doesn't want to know more? Stories about the exploits of an individual (like T.O.) are easy to write and easy to understand. Stories about steroid use are more difficult to write and don't make easy visuals for TV. But they're far more important and need to be pursued. As fans understand the story, they will care.

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