Tuesday, February 08, 2011

PSU undergrads use blogs to analyze and critique the sports-media-society relationship

This is the second semester my Sports, Media, & Society course has maintained blogs--as groups of 3-4 students--for critique and analysis of the role of sports in American culture. Each week half the class is required to post to their group's blog, with the goals of (1) critically reflecting on the relationship between course content and the contemporary sports, media, & social landscape, (2) developing new media skills that are increasingly desired by employers in both the media industry and industries across American society, and (3) getting students to think about how the choices they make as media creators and the processes they employ in putting together media shape the content they develop in important ways.

Each week this semester I've been writing up "digests" of these student blog posts (and I'll continue trying to keep this up throughout the semester). From a pedagogical perspective, I've gotten some student feedback that suggests these digests encourage students to go to their classmates' blogs, check out their posts, and reflect on how their classmates are approaching the project. Have a read through these digests from the weeks of 1/26 and 2/2, and follow the links to my students' posts. I'd love feedback and suggestions on the project.


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