Saturday, March 15, 2008

ESPN the Mag at 10: A dressy occasion

ESPN the Magazine's anniversary double issue features 10 covers -- most of male athletes, of course, and all posed in street clothes. Apparently, athletes will appear more often in stylish street clothes in the magazine, as it has hired a fashion director and will being running fashion credits. The images of style-conscious men in the mag certainly provides food for thought about the ways images of masculinity in sports are evolving. But the evolution will more likely serve the economic interests of the magazine by attracting apparel advertisers than advance gender roles.

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Jason Clinkscales said...

I recall a conversation as the NBA (David Stern, really) instituted its dress code not long ago where the person theorized that one of the reasons that the code was put in outside of cleaning up the image was that some designers complained about players choosing Rocawear and Marc Ecko over Calvin Klein and other lines of that ilk.

I have the latest issue and while I appreciate good style (fashion is trendy, style is now and forever), it's not something that I pay a ton of attention to, unless there is something of note (I did jokingly ask for a ban of mohawks in sports, but to each his/her own). Maybe there are sports fans who really do, not advertisers who pay attention to promote themselves through sports.