Monday, January 21, 2008

Do women watch?

A recent post on the Women's Hoops Blog quotes broadcaster Beth Mowins bemoaning what she believes is a major reason that networks don't show women's sports: women don't watch them. For hard-core fans of women's sports, this is hard to believe. Yet our focus groups with women last year found little evidence that middle-aged women with busy families and careers would take the time to watch women's sports. Our participants indicated that they watched men's sports primarily to connect with husbands, boyfriends, and other significant men in their lives.

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Fat Louie said...

Well how odd that we both used the same verb to describe what Mowins was doing (I didn't know you'd posted on the topic until today). Since I appealed to my readers for info on whether she was correct, I'm also very interested in the results of your survey. Distressed by them, but interested.

I enjoy this blog a lot, and only wish you posted more frequently.

-FL, Women's Sports Blog