Monday, May 07, 2007

USA Today on the trouble with Title IX

USA Today ran an op-ed in this morning's edition that considers whether Title IX should be changed (weakened). In an argument against changing the law, Title IX is neverthless charged with compounding the financial pressures faced by college athletics programs. A counterpoint piece written by the counsel to Equity in Athletics Inc. (an anti-Title IX group) challenges the proportionality test for Title IX, a common argument used to sidestep the real reason why Rutgers and other schools have recently cut their athletic programs: to feed men's revenue-generating (but usually not profitable) sports.

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JB said...

Equity in Athletics is NOT an anti-Title IX group, they're a Title IX reform group.

They're trying to prevent further perversion of the law, especially any such return to the "Safe Harbor" of Proportionality when Norma Cantu was doing in programs left and right with her agenda-based vision of Title IX at the OCR.