Friday, November 24, 2006

'My Boys": It must be the off-season

TBS' new comedy series, My Boys, will debut Tuesday night. The central character is a female baseball beat writer who "plays a mean hand of poker. ...She would rather down a few brews at the local pub than go shopping for a new pair of shoes." But, of course, she's gorgeous (She does, apparently, enjoy spending time in front of the mirror before heading out to hang with the boys.) It's not a terribly original storyline: a buddy comedy with romantic overtones and sports as the backdrop.
The show has already been
compared to Friends and Sex in the City,
. After seeing the first two episodes, I don't think the shows are similar -- although I do think the show may draw viewers also drawn to those shows. If you're looking for a realistic view into life as a woman in sportswriting, though, I wouldn't put it there, either -- Shelly Anderson's recent column on the show points out the cliches and fictions about female sportswriters. You may want to read it before watching "My Boys" Tuesday night.

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