Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Fiction in the sports pages

Worth repeating, even if it's a week old: a Vince McMahon (WWE) story that several media outlets got at least partially wrong. At least one newspaper report (and TV accounts) on accusations that McMahon groped a tanning salon employee erroneously reported that McMahon filed for divorce. He hadn't. The divorce was part of the fictional WWE storyline -- not reality.
The irony, however, is that an editor at the Boca Raton News said the paper won't run a correction.
Why? 'It's impossible to define what is real and what isn't when it comes to wrestling,' he said.
Ever heard of court records? The divorce filing would have been easy enough to verify.
Admittedly, WWE isn't a sport (although it meets the test in several key ways), and the weird world of WWE is more fact than fiction. But we trust newspapers to be able to sort through the mess, and, when it's newsworthy, give us the facts.

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