Thursday, July 24, 2008

Apparently, even a brawl can't convince FOX that WNBA is worth watching

Although much has been made of the fight that broke out during a WNBA game earlier this week in the mainstream media and in sexist/homophobic blog entries, it's apparently not enough to convince Fox and Friends morning hosts that women's sports are worth watching. In an exchange that starts with a focus on sexism and ends with the smug conclusion by a host that more women ("your people," he tells his female co-host) should watch sports, the WNBA is assessed as a ratings loser and women's sports as simply not interesting. The exchange demonstrates, among other things, the cultural role of sports in justifying sexism.
It's also these kinds of assessments of women's sports -- judging them by male standards -- that feed the tremendous struggles of female athletes for legitimacy. (Unfortunately, even the WNBA fight has been assessed as a positive for the league -- "a much needed a shot in the arm to boost attention," according to a women's sports blog.)


Jason Clinkscales said...

Did my intelligence drop a few points after watching that?

Wait, I think I found everything said there to be asinine and pathetic.

Okay, so it didn't drop. They were just that stupid. Nevermind.

Anonymous said...

It's amazing what passes as "journalism" at FOX.

I agree with your point that sports are used to justify sexism. Not only do the women have to play well, or better than the men, they have to look "pretty" while doing it (as demonstrated by the WNBA and LPGA's recent attempts to glamorize their athletes with make-up and hair tips).

Every time I'm watching women's softball or tennis I think about what great role models these women are and what a shame it is they aren't as widely revered in the media the way male athletes are. Too bad we don't laud them for their usually classy, sportswomanlike behavior, rather than only paying attention to them when they stoop to the level of their male counterparts.

Thanks for your post!